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Jeff - Meniscectomy

In July 2012, while I was preparing for my senior year of varsity football season at the University of Chicago, I tore my right lateral meniscus while playing a pick-up game of basketball. The severity of the injury was immediately apparent to me, and I was very worried that not only were my chances of repeating as a Division III All-American punter in jeopardy, but also that I might not ever be able to play competitively again. The realization that my chances of having a healthy, successful senior season were slipping away, affected both my mental and emotional state because football is such a big part of my life.

After weeks of going back and forth with the University of Chicago doctors as to what approach to take with my injury, my father who is a Columbia University physician, made a phone call to Dr. William Levine's office and within one week of the phone call, Dr. Levine had completed the entire process of getting me in for an MRI, correctly diagnosing my injury, and successfully surgically fixing my knee. The normal recovery time for my injury was 6-8 weeks. However, under the supervision of Dr. Levine and the rehab specialists he recommended, I not only started in our first game 4-1/2 weeks after the surgery, but was named UAA Conference Player of the Week for my performance in the game, and went on to receive that honor 3 more times this past season, as well as being named an All-American.

I would highly and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Levine to any patient and athletes in particular, seeking care and needing orthopedic surgery. Dr. Levine was compassionate and understood the special needs of athletes. His quick and efficient care salvaged my season, but more importantly salvaged my knee and I am now actively competing for a role as a punter in the professional ranks.

Thanks Dr. Levine!


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