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Dr. William N. Levine discusses Head Injuries in Contact Sports on WomensRadio
PIX11's Marvin Scott on his Rotator Cuff Surgery
Dr. Edwin Cadet discusses the causes of muscle injury during races and prevention methods
Dr. William N. Levine discusses with WCBS young baseball pitchers and if throwing curve balls is bad for their arm
Dr. Christopher Ahmad discusses 'Does Running Boost or Burden your Immune System'?
Dr. William Levine discusses with ABC News how to keep student athletes safe.

Dr. Edwin Cadet explains the causes and ways of preventing muscle injury during races, and how levels of sodium have to do with it at the 2011 Multisport Conference & Expo.  Please click here for the webcast.


Dr. William Levine discusses injuries to the shoulder in athletes caused by overpitching with Channel One News.


Dr. Willam Levine discusses the increased rate in which girls develop ACL injuries over their male counterparts with
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Dr. William Levine, Orthopaedic surgeon talks about Boomeritis, what exactly is Boomeritis, and how you can prevent it by being physically active.
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Dr. Christopher Ahmad appeared on CBS's The Early Show on May 29, 2008 on a segment called Have Summer Fun Without Getting Hurt. He discusses how you can do certain activities and avoid being injured. To view his appearance please
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