Center for Orthopaedic Research

Christopher S. Ahmad, M.D.

The Biomechanics Laboratory is an integral component of the Center for Orthopaedic Research. Dr. Christopher S. Ahmad, a shoulder and sports medicine orthopaedist with a degree in mechanical engineering is the director of the Biomechanics Laboratory.

Studies conducted in the Biomechanics Laboratory apply fundamental engineering principles in soft tissue and analytical mechanics to questions on the efficacy and improvement of different surgical techniques, enhancement of implant design and instrumentation, and the effects of biologics on tissue/bone integration and strength. Computer modeling, material testing and histological analysis are used in conjunction with animal models and cadaveric testing to quantify changes in repair strength and implant integration.

Basic science research, including kinematic analysis is closely coupled with clinical questions and prospective and retrospective outcome studies in the area of implant success, training modalities and screening of adolescent and adult athletes.

The Biomechanics Laboratory also supports the biomechanics component of studies conducted by orthopaedic surgery faculty members from the Molecular Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, the Trauma Training Center, the Center for Hip and Knee Replacement and the Spine Service.

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