Research Students

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CSES 1-year research students
Dates Name Projects
07/2011-06/2012 Jon Michael Caldwell Biphasic Scaffold; Subscap study; Monkey IGHL; Satisfaction and shoulder function w/ RCR re-tear
06/2011-06/2012 Molly Meadows Drop Jump Screening; ACL Quality of Life; Throwing Kinematics, PRP for UCL; Rehab after MPFL Recon; ER Bracing; Academic Performance; Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture; Sports Activity after Reverse TSA; In-Season Dislocators (Operative vs. Non-operative; ACP Muscle Strain; Rat Supra PRP
07/2011-06/2012 Jamal Shillingford Columbia Shoulder Study; Subscap study; Long-term Follow-up of ACL Reconstruction
06/2011-05/2011 Philip Kaiser Coracoclavicular Ligament Reconstructions tendon Failure; Inter & Intraobserver FAI
06/2010-05/2011 Richard Tsen Assessment of Fatigue
06/2010-05/2011 Haley Bunting Hormone Replacement Therapy; Columbia Shoulder Multi-Center Study
03/2010-05/2013 Charlie Yongpravat Arthro Simulation
05/2010-04/2011 Jonathan Lester RC Biomechanics Rat Muscle Strain; Coracoids Impingement Stimulation
07/2010-06/2011 David Levy Clinical ACP; Rat RCR; ACL Quality of Life
03/2010-04/2011 Alec Macaulay Lesser Tuberosity Osteomtomy for Subscapularis Repair; Biphasic Scaffold for RCR in Rats
06/2010-06/2011 Laura Vogel Frozen Shoulder, Prospective GH Injection
Peter Kok TSA for Instability
06/2009-06/2010 Comron Saifi Reverse TSA; Voluntary Instability
06/2009-06/2010 Stephanie Greco Columbia Shoulder Study; Lesser Tuberosity Osteotomy vs Tenotomy for Subscapularis Repair During TSA
06/2008-06/2009 Elizabeth Cody Outcomes from Surgical Treatment for Fractures of the Proximal Humerus
06/2008-06/2009 Jeanne Franzone Differences in Changes in Quality of Life of Adolescents vs Adults Following ACL and Other Sports Injuries of the Knee
06/2008-06/2009 Jason Gilleylen Cost Effective Analysis of TSA
06/2008-06/2009 Rebecca Brafman Functional Outcome of Surgery for Mensical Injuries in Pediatric and Adolescent Patients
06/2008-09/2009 Ryan Cassilly MRI Evaluation of Teres Minor Hypertrophy and Functional Status in Patients with Massive Rotator Cuff Tears
06/2008-09/2009 Marc Dyrszka Predicting Outcomes of Total Shoulder Arthroplasty using 3-D Computer Simulation
Tracey Capes
06/2007-09/2008 Chris Vorys Improving Bone Density at the Rotator Cuff Footprint Increases Supraspinatus Tendon Failure Stress in Rat Model
06/2007-09/2008 Azin Shahryarinejad 
06/2007-09/2008 Anuli Mkparu MRI Evaluation of Teres Minor Hypertrophy and Functional Status in Patients with Massive Rotator Cuff Tears
06/2006-09/2007 Jonathan Van Rattle
06/2005-09/2006 Conor Kleweno
06/2004-09/2005 Jaimie Karmin
06/2004-09/2005 John Yu
CSES Summer Research Students
Dates Name Projects
06/2011-08/2011 Danny'Doogie'Briggi Dartfish study; Ct of the Elbows
05/2011-08/2011 Bridget DeSandis Teres Minor Hypertrophy; Columbia Shoulder Study x-ray files
06/2011-08/2011 Krishn Khanna Surgical Simulation of Humeral Component Position in Total Shoulder Replacement & 4 Part Fractures
05/2011-08/2011 Kevin Laroche Rotator Cuff Architecture
06/2011-08/2011 Timothy Luchetti ACP Rodent Muscle Strain Study
06/2011-08/2011 Evan Lustbasder Surgical Simulation Instability
05/2011-08/2011 Dean Perfetti Columbia Shoulder Study x-ray files
06/2011-08/2011 Jose Ramirez ACL Tunnel Position and Contact Pressure
05/2011-09/2011 Caitlin Rogers Adhesive Capsulitis; Columbia Shoulder Study x-ray files
06/2011-08/2011 Raymond Morales ACL Tunnel position and Contact Pressure
07/2011-12/2011 Jonathan Hinds ACL Tunnel position and Contact Pressure
06/2010-08/2010 Jennifer Perri Biomechanics Rat ACP
06/2010-09/2010 Andrew Chan Hip Labral Perfusion; Hip Fai Stimulation
05/2010-08/2010 Dean Perfetti Columbia Shoulder Study x-ray files
05/2010-08/2010 Giuseppe C. Modeling
02/2010-09/2010 Howard Park Retrospective Review of Trabecular Metal Glenoid Patients; TSA in the Young
02/2010-09/2010 Jeff Grantham Throwing Kinematics, Adolescent and Adult Baseball pitchers; Tommy John Surgery
02/2010-09/2010 Maggie Wright Superior Labral Anterior Posterior Repair
03/2009-06/2009 Sara Magnusson Patellar Instability Chronicity on Cartilage status and Patient Outcomes Following MPFL reconstruction
06/2009-09/2009 Danny'Doogie'Briggi Throwing Kinematics, Adolescent and Adult Baseball Pitchers
06/2009-09/2009 Rohan Joshi Cost Effective Analysis of TSA
06/2009-09/2009 Obafunto Opeyemi
06/2009-09/2009 Jesse Vella
06/2009-09/2009 Nicole Spence Columbia Shoulder Study
06/2008-09/2008 Aditya Rachakonda
06/2008-09/2008 Ardy Bazargen-Lardi Predicting Outcomes of TSA Using 3-D Computer Simulation
06/2008-09/2008 Benedict Nwukuchku
06/2008-09/2008 Nathan Moradi
06/2008-09/2008 Nicholas Saenger
06/2008-09/2008 Christopher N.
06/2007-09/2007 Jill Berlin
06/2007-09/2007 Trevor Scott
06/2007-09/2007 Brian Jin
06/2007-09/2007 Nathan Trentacosta Functional Outcomes of Surgery for Meniscal Injuries in Pediatric and Adolescent Patients
06/2007-09/2007 Mike Pertain
06/2006-09/2006 Austin Bach
06/2006-09/2006 Benjamin Bjerke-K.
06/2006-09/2006 Adam Brekke
06/2006-09/2006 Varun Khanna
06/2005-09/2005 Alberto Jacir
06/2005-09/2005 Ben Tolchin
06/2005-09/2005 Joseph P. Ward
06/2005-09/2005 Michael Bazylewicz
06/2005-09/2005 Shihpin Lin
06/2003-09/2003 Ted Liao
06/2003-09/2003 Matthew Yurgelun
06/2003-09/2003 Brian Daines



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