Research Fellows

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CSES Research Fellowship
Year Name Affiliation Projects
2011 Takeshi Teratani, MD Fukuoka University faculty of Medicine Rat ACP Supraspinatus
2008 Young Jin Seo, MD Hallym University, College of  Medicine    
2008 Sang-Hoon Lhee, MD Konkuk University Hospital Conversion of Failed TSA to Hemiarthroplasty
2007 Chul Hong Kim, MD    
2007 Seung Wook Kim, MD    
2006 Yeow Lim, MD    
2006 Yiming Zhu, MD    
2005 Young Moon, MD Chosun University Hospital 3D and Shoulder Biology
2004 Motoyuki Fujisawa, MD Fukuoka University Biology of subacromial bursa cell
2003 Yang-Soo Kim, MD The Catholic Univ of Korea    
2003 Chang-Hyuk Choi, MD    
1997 Jin Young Park, MD    


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